Cloud Scale

Kubernetes Service

Get a kubernetes enterprise grade cluster, ready to use in just a few minutes, on one or more cloud platforms. The cluster will always follow the configuration of your choice.

Deploy, operate, and cost optimize Kubernetes applications in any combination of clouds.

Service topology with real-time metrics

Drill-down view lets you analyze metrics in context

Benefit from logging with ElasticSearch, built-in metrics from Prometheus and Grafana. Track and alert on burn rates to meet Service Level Objectives

Configure and watch as pods automatically scale to meet the demands of your workload.

Cloud Scale® can manage and scale pods horizontally (multiple replicas) based on Kubernetes Event Driven Auto scaling (KEDA).

Define rules for how your infrastructure should scale in the Cloud Scale® Policy Engine. Set limits, CPU, and Memory headroom for growth and the types of activity that trigger cluster scaling.

Empower your cloud with Cloud Scale® managed kubernetes cluster

Identify and remediate risks through security assessments and automated compliance monitoring. Cloud Scale® policy engine enforces policy-driven security monitoring and governance.

Open Policy Agent (OPA) can apply out-of-the-box rules and enforce custom policies on Kubernetes objects

Dedicated portal @ for all support needs

Cloud Scale