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Cloud Scale Native, DevOps and Kubernetes

Cloud Scale Native, DevOps and Kubernetes

Looking into current scenario , conquerors in the new economy will be those who have unlatched the benefits of cloud — high agility, potential to innovation and comparatively low IT costs. But to reach there a business require very careful navigation and commitment.

Cloud Native and Kubernetes are progressively becoming an important part of an organisational IT strategies and are also supporting digital business models

Cloud Native has the massive potential to impact business which can become the future of application development. Unlike previous cloud architectures, Cloud Native provides – scalability, resiliency and agility for developers as well as for the enterprises.

Cloud Scale® Inc  approach is to develop a platform that has actual business utility by combining together the various – processes, services and technologies of cloud native.

Cloud Scale Inc priority is – manageability, robustness and integration depth of the solutions in a multiplex and diverse stack.

Kubernetes is the “New Normal”, new opportunities are emerging with the help of cloud native technologies to access existing applications and part them into microservices, as well as to develop new applications natively in kubernetes.

Cloud Scale® Inc will help in assembly of foremost applications and proprietary tools and platforms in all cloud varieties (public, private, multi and hybrid) across multiple types of delivery platforms (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) for customised and personalized journey to cloud.

We emphasize more on multiplex cloud services including – artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, predictive analytics and machine learning.

The ultimate goal of Cloud Scale® Inc following cloud native approach is to enable the organisation to react faster to market change.

Our end-to-end, application delivery will help in optimising benefits faster at every stage of the cloud navigation and cloud journey i.e. from strategy and business case development to migration, digital transformation, accessibility and management.

Picture of Dr Nandita Walia

Dr Nandita Walia

About the Author- Nandita, is Co-Founder and Cloud Evangelist at Cloud Scale Inc. I have vast experience in Information Technology , project and business management. Over the last 10 years I have contributed in building niche innovative solutions like- artificial intelligence based solutions, control-plane for Multi Cloud deployments.

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