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What is a Multi-Cloud, Simplified by Cloud Scale Experts

What is a Multi-Cloud, Simplified by Cloud Scale Experts 


2023 will expound how the industry emerges after the COVID-19 pandemic. Some organizations will upswing while some will still struggle. In this new-era industry needs to work based on smart techniques ( like machine learning and IoT) and that will define their work

 and achievements in the new standards.

Multi-cloud setup can certainly facilitate vast computing power and tools for innovations. 

This year will also decide how multi cloud approach will eventuate throughout the next decade. Cloud Scale® Inc is working deliberately towards re-building the structure according to the future demands.


An environment having Multi cloud approach can definitely fulfill the demands of machine learning, high-end distributed workloads and Internet-of-Things (IoT).



Cloud Scale® Inc provides multi-Kubernetes(cloud) clusters and simpler methodology for management and automation of workloads. Significant approach with multi-cloud and 5G edge-computing is followed , involving everything as code terminology, cloud-native architecture and Kubernetes. Automation tools and techniques are used that enables a more centralized and specialized approach for multi-cloud setups.



Cloud Scale® Inc aims at transformation and works on abstract framework using multi cloud setup. A composition of tools like Jenkins, Ansible, docker and (most importantly) kubernetes is used to provide functional solution for- application integration, automation, testing, delivery and storage. A dependable tool-set is much needed to manage a multi-cloud infrastructure.



The best offering by multi-cloud approach is Technology mobility across different clouds .Cloud Scale® Inc works with its skilled cloud experts team to maintain a seamless work culture and follows certain rules for centralized configuration and management.



Cloud Scale® Inc is working on an application model using multi cloud approach and kubernetes to develop more extensible and standard framework that will specify deployment and development and there will be fine separation between application code and deployment infrastructure. The kubernetes Resource Model will help developers in withdrawing more information out of their code and implement multiple cases for SDLC.



Cloud Scale® Inc can help in harnessing the Power of Multi-cloud From your onsite data center and private clouds to hyper-scale clouds, cloud-based SaaS applications and alliance environments, we bring it all together to create your unique multi-cloud solution.



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Dr Nandita Walia

About the Author- Nandita, is Co-Founder and Cloud Evangelist at Cloud Scale Inc. I have vast experience in Information Technology , project and business management. Over the last 10 years I have contributed in building niche innovative solutions like- artificial intelligence based solutions, control-plane for Multi Cloud deployments.

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